Sectio Aurea


Curriculum vitae

Who we are

Sectio Aurea Ensemble was born in 2014 in Italy in Trieste.

During the experiential growth of the vocal Ensemble, the close-knit group of musicians, individually active in various repertoires from the Baroque to the twentieth century, coming to create new collaborations.

This is how the current formation, Sectio5 Aurea Ensemble, takes its name from the research of the harmonic balance of the voices of the components, oriented to create lines of artistic intersections between the various disciplines: from dance to acting to image, without ever losing sight of the ancient and modern sounds of the sovereign music.

The main purpose of the Ensemble becomes therefore the "search and the continuous affirmation of its own identity", musical and ethnic, crossing the multiform era of globalization, to spread its inestimable historical, musical and artistic value, with an eye to the "present future".

One of the most recent collaborations concerns the Cantus Project with the composer and violinist G. Seminerio supported by the electronic sound, and by the composer's own solo violin, which gives precious combinations both in his works and in the "contaminations" of Monteverdi's matrix. It is precisely in Monteverdi that the Ensemble is particularly dedicated at this moment of its artistic career, through the study and preparation of a suggestive and virtuoso program for an ambitious international project...

The Ensemble (currently composed of: Vania Soldan- soprano, Simonetta Cavalli - mezzo-soprano, Elena Boscarol - alto, Luca Dordolo - tenor and Marco Saccardin - baritone) is active throughout Italy and it has already performed in theatres in the cities of Verona, Lecce and Trieste.

In autumn 2018 the official debut of the current formation of Sectio5 A.E. took place with the performance "Cantus - Odi et Amo" which takes its name from the above mentioned project and which was premiered and successfully received by public and critics in the city of Trieste at the Slovenian permanent theatre under the patronage of ACTIS, Associazione Culturale Teatro Immagine e Suono, of the Friuli.